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Dr Nai-Qing Chen
Animals Genetics and Breeding PhD (China) 1996
Animal Reproduction Master (China) 1992
FBachelor of Animal Science (China) 1989
Scientific Director

Dr Nai-Qing Chen obtained his license as Clinical Embryologist from the Ministry of Health, Singapore in 2005. He has been working with Embryonics International, O&G Partners Fertility Centre, Gleneagles Hospital since 2004 and is officially transferred to Sincere IVF Center on 1 Jan 2015 as Scientific Director.

Prior to this, Dr Chen was a Research Fellow (Grade A) in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, National University of Singapore from 2001 to 2003, working with Professor Ng Soon-Chye on cloning in non-human primate and stem cell culture, as well as goat cloning and ICSI in collaboration with University of Malaya, Malaysia. Dr Chen and his team members achieved the world first cloned pregnancy in a non-human primate by somatic cell nuclear transfer. Dr Chen was also a lecturer in Cell Biology and Cell Engineering at Wuhan University, China (1997-2001); and a lecturer of Animal Reproduction at Northwestern Agriculture University, China (1992-1997).

Dr Chen earned his PhD in Animal Genetics and Breeding (1996) and Master Degree in Animal Reproduction (1992) at Northwestern Agriculture University, China; and Bachelor Degree in Animal Science (1989) at Anhui Science and Technology University.

Dr Chen obtained his professional qualifications and training in clinical embryology both locally and overseas. He took part in an individual hands-on training course in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) with Professor Markus Montag, during his attachment to the Reproduction Biology Laboratory at the University Clinics of Bonn, Germany, from July to August 2003. During his stay, Dr Chen trained in newer human ART techniques, including polar body biopsy and fixation for FISH analysis, as well as oocytes/embryos vitrification.

Dr. Chen started vitrification of oocytes and embryos for clinical service in 2005. In 2007, this resulted in regional first live-birth (baby boy) from oocytes which were vitrified in 2005. His most recent success is the live-birth of a pair of twins (boy and girl) in 2013 by a 45-year old patient using vitrified oocytes from a 34-year old donor.

Dr Chen is also the author and co-author of many research papers published in international journals and books. His research interests include animal cloning, transgenic animal, ovarian tissue cryopreservation and vitrification of oocytes and embryos. He produced China’s first cloned pig by embryonic cell nuclear transfer in 1996. He has also produced many transgenic pigs and mice by male pronuclei microinjection in China. Dr. Chen also worked with his colleagues to construct human liver cDNA library and human cDNA library, expressed the homeobox gene in E. coli, identified and isolated the homeotic target gene during his tenure in Wuhan University in 1997-2001.