One stop Fertility Management

Sincere IVF Center represents the future of fertility treatment: combining leading-edge technologies with the latest knowledge in fertility treatment and individualised compassionate care to provide the best possible platform for couples to get pregnant.

Upon successful conception, the pregnant mother can continue to receive Obstetrics services with the same high quality of care and the same medical team who will walk with them on the journey to parenthood.

A unique feature is its close proximity to Sincere Medical Specialist Center for Women located on the same level within the same building. This allows us to offer one-stop fertility management for couples. Patients can complete their fertility assessment, diagnosis, tests and treatment without the hassle of shuttling between clinical facilities and laboratory / operating theatre. It’s convenient, reduces time spent in commuting and removes the unnecessary stress on couples already facing a huge emotional and physical challenge.

IVF Laboratory

On The Leading Edge of Technology

The new Sincere IVF Center is the latest to be set up under the new Ministry of Health revised guidelines for ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) centres.

Fully equipped with our very own IVF laboratory and operation theatre, the center is designed to bring comfort and privacy to each couple. All ovum retrievals and embryo replacements take place within the Center in accordance with international standards and protocols. The laboratory is highly purified to provide a dust- and chemical-free environment and entry is restricted to authorised personnel.

The Center has some of the most advanced technology to provide for the development of good quality embryos in an optimal environment.

EmbryoScope Monitoring System

Sincere IVF Center is one of the few centres in Singapore offering couples the opportunity of time-lapse EmbryoScope monitoring as part of their treatment cycle. The EmbryoScope allows couples to place their good-quality embryos in an optimal special incubator, where a built-in camera is capable of taking pictures of patients’ embryos several times an hour.

This technology allows the embryology team to assess the embryo’s development at every vital stage. The new monitoring system also provides the team with detailed analyses of the embryos, and the opportunity to identify which embryo can give the highest potential for pregnancy, while keeping them in the optimum incubator conditions.