Our Team

Sincere IVF Center is managed by a team of dedicated and experienced staff comprising some of the best specialists who are true pioneers and leaders working in reproductive medicine.

Our team of certified specialists has vast clinical experience in IVF and infertility treatment, helping many couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Our embryologists are committed to support clinical care with their scientific skills; while nurses, trained in patient care and administrators assist couples with advice, support and information when they need it.

In fact, the entire medical team is focused on providing infertile couples with excellent, ethical care, and ensuring the best possible experience and outcome. The team believes that keeping themselves abreast of new techniques and advancements in IVF developments is of paramount importance as they constantly work to improve success rate.

Prof Soon-Chye Ng_thumbnail

Prof Soon-Chye Ng
Medical Director
IVF Practitioner


Our embryology team members possess excellent experience in embryology, andrology and latest IVF lab techniques. They constantly strive to master new techniques and expand their knowledge so as to enhance patient outcomes.

Dr Nai-Qing Chen
Animals Genetics and Breeding PhD (China) 1996
Animal Reproduction Master (China) 1992
Bachelor of Animal Science (China) 1989
Scientific Director and Chief Embryologist

Ms Lyn Lim Jie
Laboratory Manager & Embryologist